About Digital Entropy

We’re reinventing the idea of an agency, to support the next generation of leaders. There a few things that are different about our small team.

Distributed Team: We don’t have a fancy office in New York or LA, because let’s face it, it's an expensive and outdated idea. Our team is spread out across the country and is ready to travel at a moments notice to serve a global clientele. This helps us to be more adaptable and flexible, and allows us to provide the highest quality services at lower costs.

The Non-Agency: We’re a lot of things: creators, builders, travelers, friends, but none of us come from an agency background. We come from the business side and have a track record for stellar execution. We remove all of the agency jargon, wasted time and resources and focus on getting results and saving you money.

Honesty: We’re not in the business of stroking egos... we’re going to give it to you straight and honest. Our team isn’t motivated by money, but by success; we like to win. When we decide to take a project it’s because we think it will be challenging and fun, and it’s our intention to come in and make an immediate impact.

Our Small Team
With Big Ideas

  • David Rand

David “milo” Rand

David is a Senior Creative Director, Multimedia Designer and Developer. Since graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design, he has worked with global leaders in business and entertainment to develop successful brand and marketing strategies.

Rob Wells

Rob loves telling stories. He’s put that passion to work through his role creating industry leading events such as Money20/20, Shoptalk and HLTH where he’s worked with the top brands in Payments, Retail and Healthcare to share their biggest announcements with top tier mainstream and industry media.

Philip McGinnis
Account Executive

Phil has a passion for helping business understand and adapt to change. Since finishing his MBA at the University of South Carolina, he’s been working events and organizations across Fintech, Retail and Healthcare to help them prepare and adapt for trends and tech shaping their landscapes.

  • Deanna Zammit

Deanna Zammit
Brand Strategist & Producer

Deanna is a discerning strategist and producer with a knack for uncovering your brand’s most compelling story, then creating compelling content that tells that story on every platform. Previously, she founded and led the in-house content agency at Digiday, where she worked with clients including IBM, Oracle and KPMG. She also holds a masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University and has more than a decade of multiplatform editorial and marketing experience.

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